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Growing up on the eastside of San Jose in the neighborhood of 33rd and Alum Rock has been a good place to grow up at. Most of us here are lower to middle class. The houses surrounding my neighborhood are mostly duplex and most of the people are Latino or Portuguese. I would describe my neighborhood as mostly quiet and everyone minds their business. In the summer, all the kids play on the streets or wrestle on the front lawns. As far as gang activity, I don’t really see much.  You can see some people who would “fit that profile” but you don’t see them causing trouble. 


I can honestly say I am more scared of the police than I am of these so called “gangsters.” When they raided my house due to my brother being charged with a crime that he was already In custody for, they knocked my door down and mistreated my sister and I -- handcuffing us for no reason and not telling us why they were there. It was a really scary, and even though it was seven years ago, my sister and I are still terrified of the police. The signs of our broken door and lock are still there. 


The hope I have for my neighborhood is that kids continue to play on the streets and cop activity stays at a minimum unless needed.

What do you do within


Your loved one just got ARRESTED

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